Our goal is to help people get the benefits of cannabinoids from the hemp plant in ways that are more effective and enjoyable. After putting up with the typical consumption methods like oils, tinctures, and edibles, we felt there had to be a better way. In doing so, we are also building a company that treats people and planet in the most respectful way we can. 



Our guiding principle in developing our products is safety. We use only aerial parts of the hemp plant and, when we say "zero THC," we mean zero. When we use full spectrum extract (all of the plant rather than just isolates), we disclose that as well. Our inactive ingredients support the actives by making them absorb faster and more completely. This means you get more cannabinoids to your system -- and they get there sooner. These inactives are clean, non-toxic, and score either a 1 or 2 on the EWG's Skindeep Database. Our products contain are oil-free so there are no saturated fats or messy oils that can stain clothing. 



We are dedicated to making our packaging as sustainable as possible with little to no virgin plastic. We're not there yet -- our glass vials have plastic caps. But we are in the process of sourcing metal caps to reduce plastic. We encourage people to reuse or recycle our tab vials. Our roll-on packaging uses stainless steel, rather than plastic, roller balls. This not only reduces plastic but is far more leakproof. 



Stark realities of our time: Reality shows are scripted, Big Tech collects our data, and most product review sites are really advertising masquerading as honest reviews. If you search for "Best CBD Products," you can be assured that no one has actually tried the products they're raving about. More likely, the winning brands have bid for those placements in a "pay-to-play" scheme. We've chosen not to play. If you see a review of Meter, it's based on actual experience with the product.